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Executives need to maintain tech-vigilance

    The modern executive appreciates that technology plays a leading role in the company and in doing so knows that technology is NOT just the computer on the desk... or the smart phone!


    Companies that understand and apply best-of-breed technology to productive or service advantage tend to lead in their field of business. 


    In this modern day, the executive needs to maintain tech-vigilance and must appreciate the impact that technology has on business.


    Notwithstanding the valuable role that in-house IT experts play in an organisation, it is often wise to take a second opinion. In-house experts are often only proficient in very narrow fields of technology and can sometimes miss the “Big-Picture”.


    Familiarity, habit, product loyalty or sometimes even fear of change often cause IT personnel to stick to one breed of technology. This can be very dangerous and counter-productive for business and sometimes leaves executives questioning whether existing or proposed systems are optimal, safe, or for that matter, ideal for the intended purpose.


    Leading on from this comes the concept of "usability".  Too often companies acquire and deploy process or management systems that are so sophisticated that they actually cause greater innefficiency .. maybe just for the sake of capturing a few extra fields of data!


    Flexeworld offer a discreet service to help executives independently stay abreast of such a rapidly evolving world, and where needed we help to decipher the “techno-babble” and provide guidance on tech related acquisitions, implementation or HR acceptance of new technology. 


Remember, you can  have the best technology.. but if your staff dont use it as intended, then it's wasted.

No more second guessing!

    Technology increasingly offers opportunities to integrate and optimise various aspects of the business. These opportunities can contribute significantly to improved operations and communications that ultimately impact the bottom line. It is therefore vital to remain abreast of best systems and practices in order to remain competitive. 

    Executives are often unwittingly confronted with information leaks or bad communication practices that, unbeknown to them, potentially compromise security, intellectual property or simply render the organisation tangled in superfluous or bad digital data flow. 

    In the case of high value acquisitions where technology plays a leading, influencing or contributing role, it is often prudent for executives to discreetly take a second opinion, one that is not influenced by the propulsion of self interest of persons already working within the organisation. 

    Often it is simply valuable to obtain a “qualified” outside point of view as this might provide insight into alternative technology based solutions that may significantly improve efficiency and cut costs.


    It may even be that the independent opinion simply CONFRIMS that the proposal on the table is the best one, hence providing the executive with the right level of comfort before commitment.

Technology investigative services

Before you invest in any new technology (application, product or service) we can discreetly investigate if you are about to make the right decision. 



    Like technology, the shoe is common to all of us. However we often take its modern manufacture for granted.

Technology is applied in:


    • the production process of the raw materials used in components of the shoe
    • the shoe design
    • the actual moulding or creation of the individual parts of the shoe
    • assembling and GLUING the shoe together
    • the lab testing of the finnished product
    • the ordering and accounting process
    • the communications and marketig process (to market and sell the shoe)
    • and many other areas...


    NOW, if the manufacturer does not select and correctly apply the appropriate "GLUE" to stick all the parts together, then the shoe will fail to deliver on it's promise and simply fall apart before its intended time. Therefore all the technology used in the process will effectively be wasted!


    It is the same with technology being identified, selected and deployed in a company. 

    Firstly one must know how to best design a system to suite the purpose, then how to select the appropriate raw materials (whatever they may be) and finally, identify and corectly apply the "GLUE" to stick the parts together so that the end result lives up to the intended purpose and survives the test of time. 

    And just like the shoe, technology does not last forever.. eventually it wears out, becomes redundent and needs to be replaced. HOWEVER, just like a quality shoe, if the appropriate raw materials, glue and production method are used, it will last a long time and provide maximum comfort and lifespan.


    Like shoes, technology needs to fit the purpose (eg. a steel capped shoe protects the industrial worker's feet and a bedroom slipper provides maximum comfort in a relaxed environment).


So it follows.. that things done on a shoe-string budget mostly do not make the grade and fall apart. (editors humour) 

Are you about to make a large tech related acquisition.. if so we can provide independent, discreet advice

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We offer confidential advice on:

  • CAPEX or orther acquisitions that have a technology component or influence
  • Communications systems
  • Alternative solutions
  • IT security
  • IT systems integration
  • Sourcing of experts
  • IT and marketing
  • E-learning
  • E-commerce
  • Mission specific solutions
  • And much more...

Our ethos

We DO NOT represent any software, hardware or other technology solution. We only offer professional advice.


In acting this way we have no vested interest in selling you anything other than our ability to independently and ruthlessly assess your problems and needs or simply to offer unbiased opinions on anything that may have a technology angle.